About Us

Camrose Spirals Jump Rope Club was established over 20 years ago and our current athletes range in age from age 6 to adulthood and span varying levels of skipping abilities. Jump Rope is a great form of exercise and we aim to increase the awareness of our sport by providing demonstrations as often as we can.

Spiral Philosophy

The Spirals Club strives to create a friendly atmosphere in which to develop and enhance the knowledge and skills of various jump rope styles for those participating in our programs. Our training staff is composed of senior jump rope athletes and coaches who strive to bring quality programming and instruction. Our small ratio if instructor to participant is designed to accommodate varying levels of skipping skills. Our staff is committed to instilling confidence, building self esteem and recognizing positive attributes!

Behaviour Policy

All participants are responsible for adhering to club rules. Appropriate conduct will be displayed at all times while participating.

Spirals Code of Conduct

* Sportsmanship and discipline are of utmost importance and expected of all athletes and coaches
* Treat everyone with the same respect, courtesy and kindness you expect
* Help to advance and improve the port of rope skipping by sharing skills with others
* Congratulate others, whether they are teammate or not, for an effort well done
* Rejoice in the successes of others whether big or small
* Do not distract other participants from concentrating on skill building
* Safety first remains the priority for each athlete and club participant. Participants must follow the safety rules set forth during orientation and outlined in the club manual

Judging Expectations
Judges are essential to the growth and success of our athletes within the Jump Rope sport. Training is offered throughout the season and the Spirals provide many opportunities for our judges to learn and practice. It is hoped that parents begin the judges training process as their child(ren) enter the 2nd year of competition.