Camrose Spirals Rope Skipping

The Camrose Spirals are a successful rope skipping team – an organized sport that combines elements of aerobics, synchronized dance, gymnastics and break dancing all tied together with a jump rope. We compete provincially, nationally and internationally and are an amazing demonstration group.

We have a large number of very talented, well trained instructors, offering excellent small group and individual training. Our program is coordinated and overseen by a staff of experienced coaches.

The Camrose Spirals Rope Skipping Club offers three distinct programs perfect for every age and every skill level. Our Recreational Program is aimed at beginner skippers aged 6 and up. After completing LEVEL 6 of the CanSkip Program you have the opportunity to “bridge” to our Demo Program for the remainder of the season. The following year, after an assessment, you may be able to join our Competitive Program. Small group instruction by trained athlete instructors, great exercise in a growing, fast paced, affordable sport and special “show” training is part of all programs.

Our Programs

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Our Recreational Program continues to be very popular. We follow the CanSkip Program under the direction of Coach Sharene Lamson and her team of talented and dedicated athlete instructors. This program runs for 10 weeks on Monday evenings starting in mid-September and is recommended for ages 6 and up.

All classes are held in the ecole Sifton School gym.


We do many local demos each year as “seeing really is believing” when it comes to the sport of Jump Rope! We are currently practising some new routines and tricks (together with some of our old favourites) and can guarantee you will be amazed at what our athletes can do. We hope you will be able to catch one of our demos this year!

If you would like to discuss the Spirals providing a demonstration at your event, please send us an email via our contact page.


Our competitive athletes range from age 9 to adulthood.

Athletes can compete both individually and as part of a team.

Competitions take place Provincially, Nationally, and Internationally.

Competitive events include: Masters Freestyle, Speed and Power, Team Double Dutch Freestyle, Speed and Power and Team Single Rope Freestyle, Speed and Power.